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Xrm Masters LLC is a nationally recognized technology consulting and staffing solutions company. Xrm Masters LLC designs, develops

and delivers technology solutions for your business. We work to provide strategic consulting, project-based solutions, and managed services. These services include: accounting , business analysis and consulting, marketing, project management, and technological expertise.


CRM Architecture and Solutions

​Our work ranges from simple plugin and workflow development, to UI customizations, but our expertise extends to counter intuitive development techniques, such as restricting available Systems Views by Security Role using a plugin.

Data Modeling and Migration

In martial arts, the aim is to use your opponents momentum to accomplish your goals. Good data modeling works on the same principle, by working with a team who understands retrieval and modification of data, you can make your data work for you by flowing through your system instead of being bounced and parsed, reducing page life cycle often to observable inefficiencies. On the other hand of the equation, migrating data from a legacy source, to a new repository can present data modeling and performance issues that can negatively impact project timelines. One of our most ambitious projects saw 17,000 individual access databases incorporated into a single repository with a 100% success rate. Perhaps the biggest challenge had been, to work with a narrow time frame in which the least number of users would be impacted. Suffice it to say, our client was quite pleased. 

Web Applications

Whether updating a legacy application, or creating a new one, web applications need to meet the main goals, chief of which are, usability and swift response times. Leveraging the newest technologies is only great when used to the advantage each was designed to solve, however using the right technology we can solve any problem. In particular, we had one client who purchased a web cam whose desktop application allowed zoom and lighting controls, however as a web based application, this functionality was not accessible. With a clever use of web and server technologies, our solution created those controls a way that was directly integrated into the application, without the use of any outside libraries.